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Stairs to get a Sexy Ass

Today on twitter I tweeted how I had a nice workout while climbing flights of stairs. I had alot of questions from all of you about it so thought I would blog about stair workouts.

Depending on if you are doing it as a morning cardio workout to build stamina and loose weight, or whether your doing it to also build your muscles, definitely makes a difference of how you go about the stairs.

When putting yourself through a stair workout, you want to think of your goal that you are trying to achieve. Are you building your quads, hamstrings, ass etc. Today while working out, I wanted to focus on my ass. If I were to do the stairs four times a week of just sprinting up them, I would build stamina and loose weight, however you also loose muscle with that much cardio. The problem is that people may not replace that lost muscle and think that just running stairs is effective to achieving an ass, without ever lifting a weight at the gym. With that being said, in today's blog I am going to focus on building an ASS with stair climbing. Get a pair of ankle weights that are challenging but where you can keep a steady flow and are not to heavy to lift. I use eight pound weights around each ankle.

The trick to building your ass is not just shooting up the stairs quickly. Basically you will want to be doing controlled lunges, where you are skipping every other step, at a constant speed. You want to put most of the pressure on the heel of your foot. This is also safer for your joints. When taking each step, remember not to stop and just keep moving up the stairs continuously hitting every other step. Skipping a step in between will allow you to get a full extended range of motion, just like a walking lunge. The movement of going upward instead of forward (walking lunge), targets your ass muscles more effectively, as well as your hamstrings, so that you get that nice 'perk' and that elongated hamstring. If you are new to the stairs or working out, try first without leg weights. It will be just as effective. And increase to climbing the stairs with a weight.

Once you have gotten to the top, go down the stairs as quickly as you can without falling lol..when you return back up, switch to walking up the stairs sideways so that you are targeting your gluteus medius and minimus. Then switch back again to what I discussed above (gluteus maximus and hamstrings).

Let me know how it goes!


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