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Hey:) alot of really good responses posted on my facebook wall that I wanted to share with you on here. Feel free to add more comments and questions before I respond....~Prestin XO

The question was what do you ladies like or dislike about working out??

Amy Werschay Reum: First. Dislike how red my

Face gets. Loving the results!

Norris: I love the feeling after working out! Tired but also like you have accomplished something. Dislike the amount of time it takes to see results! : / love using weights at home and in the gym! Diet is my biggest problem!!

Like: Everything about it, how your body changes, getting stronger, fitter, healthier, happier, more attractive and having more energy.

Dislike: Very little, getting an injury and being unable to train for a while.

Biggest challenge: Finding high protein, low carb vegetarian food.

Main goals: Bigger butt, more toned body all over, reducing body fat % and reducing waist measurement.

I love the gym, mine is small and I'm usually the only girl there, so I weight-train with the guys.

I'm not too big on workout classes, though I did used to like going to yoga class <3

Laura Suzanne:What I like most about working out is the fact that you have more energy by putting energy into your workout. It makes me feel happier and more comfortable with the way I look. My biggest challenge is not skipping the ab workouts.

My main goal is getting my body in a better shape, I want to build more muscles and have a toned body. The most difficult task for me is to keep eating enough, I tend to skip breakfast and don't make the time for a proper lunch so I'm pretty sure I'm missing out on a lot of proteins. I do like gyms but sometimes I wish I had a gym @home because I don't always have the time to go to the gym. I love using weights it makes me feel like I'm actually doing something. I never tried a workout class before but I definitely should try it sometime!

Aurélie Gerard: I like abs, squats remain the most difficult. I like Gym with my iPod and only. and run in forest on Sundays mornings ^^ My biggest challenge is my next and first competition bikini in May, 2013!

Lucia Ang: Loving the energy surge that comes with it, the "high" after finishing a hardcore workout session; I hate the nasty smell in the gym and how crowded it gets right after 5pm; biggest challenge is getting rid of stubborn cellulite n getting really muscular legs; my upper body is coming along but having trouble with my lower body :( I love weight lifting and prefer to do my own workouts; I put on my ear phones, play my fave trance tracks n get in the zone!! :)

Émilie Bernier: I like working out because i feel great after and have more energy and of course the results, i dislike doing sometimes the same thing over and over..., biggest challenge lower buddy butt thigh,goal is to change that area, its hard to keep an healthy diet with social life and travelling and work when you cant eat for a long period...i like gym, i like both workout, like weights, love classes but expensive compare to home gym

Caroline N Scott: Getting started is the hardest part. I like gym and home workouts but at home you can check yourself out more lol. I hate exercise classes with other people

Shantel Oranchuk: What I like most is seeing the results and feeling the pain the next day. You always know you did your best when you feel sore the next day. What I hate the most is finding the motivation when I'm tired.... But I always do it anyways even if there is a little procrastination! My biggest challenge right now is my arm injury which is preventing me from lifting and I really dislike cardio! My main goal is to be healthy and look amazing. Trying to get killer abs is the hardest thing and takes a lot of healthy eating. I try to keep my nutrition balanced and still enjoy the things I love in moderation. I do all my workouts at home because of where I live. Getting to the gym is impossible. Love lifting weights i feel so accomplished when I pass my goal or pick a heavier weight!

Snook Bee: MISS PRESTIN I KNOW THIS IS A LONGSHOT and you probably won't read this or reply but when is your book coming out?! You're my biggest inspiration! Everybody knows who you are here in Australia now!! Xxxxxxxx

Uliana Kosyachenko:Hi! It is so hard for me to stop eating sweets... last April I took part in Miss Bikini competition and since then I want sweets almost all the time) And this is the monster of my healthy way of living! May be you will tell me something that will change it?))

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