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10 Ways to Keep Your Life In Order

Student life and running my own business kept me on the go 24/7.  Not only did my chaotic  life make it twice the effort to up keep my physical appearance (yes that takes work), but my internal health as well.  By no means am I complaining, as I am blessed with all of the opportunities and lifestyle choices available to me.  I am merely sharing this with you to help you take control of your own life when needed:)  The only way I could have managed to accomplish goals  in my life  is slowing the pace down and organizing myself in such a manner that  high stress levels did not interfere with these goals, and overall health.

10 Ways to Keep Your Life In Order

1. In the morning, I try and give myself enough time to shower and actually sit down for breakfast. I make sure I take all my necessary vitamins and supplements.  This is a big one for me as I notice without my vitamins in the morning I do not function to my full potential. And God help me if I do not eat breakfast.  I am not in a good mood! lol Basically you do not want to be rushing and running around in the mornings.  I use to do that when I just begun university and my day was not as productive and organized as it should have been. This applies to your every day work and life.  Take your time and start off the morning well.

2. Start the morning off with a positive attitude. Say to yourself today I am going to do such and such. Love yourself, and if you are not feeling positive, find something that keeps you smiling.

3.  Make a habit of incorporating physical activity some point in the day. I feel better and more energized.

4.  Don't forget to eat!  You will feel more productive and focused if you are eating throughout the day. Don't let stress or work take you away from eating healthy or not eating at all.

5. Turn your phone off if its distracting you.  My phone distracts me like crazy, unless it is meant for business calls. You look at the time and notice you have been texting non-stop for an hour hahah

6. Get off facebook!  Enough said.

7. Make your meals for the next day when you cook dinner.  That way you get it out of the way and have more time in your evening to relax.

8. Get ready for bed.  Remember when you were little and your parents were always reminding you to wash your face and brush your teeth? Doing this before bed will make you feel relaxed and fresh in the morning.  I always think to myself before bed when I am too lazy to get up to do so, "Whatever you eat, will stay on your teeth, whatever you put on your face will stay on your face". Did you know that our body completely recovers itself at night, for example, skin repair.  If anytime is the best time to use your skin creams, et, it is at night.

9. Read something inspiring or relaxing and or make a list of goals you want to accomplish for the next day. Try to avoid facebook. Looking at your iphone before bed will keep you awake and make it more difficult to fall asleep.  At some point in the day or night make a list of next day goals. 

10. Organize everything the night before so the morning you are not scrambling.  

~Prestin xo

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