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My time to enjoy my victory in Sweden is over as I have already been matched up for a fight in August against Hector Lombard. Hector has not lost in over 6 years and 20+ fights so this is certainly the type of challenge I seek in the octagon. I still have a lot of time before training gets intense, but I am starting to plan my training camp and the different styles of fighters I will need to seek out for preparation. I will be traveling to several military bases in the next two weeks, which are always something I look forward too. I normally get pretty good training sessions in with the local servicemen/women at each installation. Whether it be Martial Arts or just intense training circuits, I never get off easy when I visit a base. I had previously mentioned the need to take some time off to assess my family situation. Just like everyone else, fighters sometimes aren't given the choice by their employers. I have had a lot of big fight experience at this point in my career, which is definitely an advantage. I have simply gotten used to it and that makes the entire process more enjoyable. I look forward to training harder than ever before and putting on an amazing show on live TV come August.

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