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Brian Stann

Post UFC 152 and Olympia weekend

UFC 152 obviously did not go as I would have hoped. I am already taking the necessary steps to improving my weaknesses and correcting the errors from that fight. I have started back training hard and hope to fight again quickly. Despite the improvements in my wrestling I stilll gave up 4 takedowns that ultimately cost me the points I needed to win a judges decision. In addition, I allowed the threat of the takedown to make me stand flat footed which made me more susceptable to jabs and getting pushed against the fence. I am far from a perfect fighter, but I am striving to perfect my training so I can improve each fight. I have fought 2 of the best middleweights in the world in less than a year's time and have made so many improvements. My goal is to fight often and put together a solid win streak over the next year. I want to thank everyone for their support, it means the world to me and I do not take it for granted. Despite being 32 yrs old now, I have only been seriously training for this sport since 2007, the people I lose to have been training for much longer. I am catching up quickly and have plenty more in the tank for the next several years. I was fortunate enough to attend the 2012 Olympia in Las Vegas with Team Gaspari. It was incredible to spend time with so many supporters of various backgrounds. It is encouraging to see so many people who take their fitness and physical wellness so seriously. I truly believe that it helps you perform at your best in every facet of life. I cannot talk about the Olympia without mentioning Flex Lewis and his first ever Olympia victory. What an amazing accomplishment from an incredible man. Congrats. I will keep everyone posted as I continue my training and stand ready for the UFC's call to fight!

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