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Rachel Michele

Fitness Miracles Don’t Just Happen

Has anyone ever told you how lucky you are to look the way you do? Has anyone admitted they are jealous of your genetics? Do they go as far as saying it’s a miracle you look the way you do? These all seem like compliments at first, but in reality they DON’T take into consideration the hard work and dedication involved. When people make these comments to me, I chuckle as I think about the cardio I was doing at the gym while they were still asleep that morning. I’m reminded of the meals that I cooked and prepped for that day while they ran to the drive through. I think of the yoga class I attended, while they pulled up a seat at the local bar to unwind from a long day. All I can do is chuckle, and say thank you. These people will never understand that true athletes aren't by accident, they are everyday people who take their goals seriously. And probably take Gaspari Nutrition products too!

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