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Time Flies When You Are Doing Cardio

I cannot believe where the time has gone. This prep has FLOWN by me, probably because I have been so busy with some exciting things!! I am now two weeks out from the IFBB Titan Grand Prix in Culver City, California, followed by the IFBB Europa in Orlando, Florida. I really hammered my offseason and tried my hardest to improve my physique and pack on that muscle; after all, there is ALWAYS room to improve. I learned so much during this offseason, from proper resting to my body's response to nutrition, to picking up on some insane training methods. I am a baby in this sport, I take advantage of every possible opportunity to learn from everyone around me. You would be surprised how much you can really learn just from checking out the videos on Muscle and Fitness Hers, FLEX, MD, and RX Muscle. When I actually have an optimally operating brain (that is not tired and hungry), I am pretty on top of posting small little videos or tips on my Facebook and Twitter pages. Lately, all of my posts are either about food or cardio. LOL! The biggest lesson I learned this year was obtaining adequate rest. I had to teach myself how to nap or at least just turn the world off for a little during the day, along with getting a good eight to ten hours of sleep; any less than eight, I am a raging bitch, and that IS NOT an exaggeration. Not to mention, not getting enough sleep can pack on 4-6 lbs on my 5'6 frame (which is already pretty thick to begin with). I also learned how much better my body looks WITH CARBS! Somewhere along the line, the world became afraid of carbs. I have self diagnosed myself celiac and have actually given up all grains, but fruits, yams, and potatoes have proven to be awesome carbohydrate sources, minus the ups and downs of the insulin spike. I also incorporated a macronutrient rotation into my nutrition, which definitely made my body awareness increase tremendously! I had the honor of training with some of the best in the industry and little things that they showed me definitely opened my eyes to different methods and executions. I was always told that "improvements are made in the offseason" and I have to agree 150%! Now that I am in Women's Physique, I have embraced my muscle and size, making it that much more fun to train. I do have to say that my body feels way different lugging around all of this muscle (probably why I need so much rest!) At the pro level, I am on stage with women that I have idolized and looked up to for years; its an honor to stand next to them. The only goal I have for this 2013 season is to bring a better and improved package to the stage and have some fun!! The IFBB and the NPC put on amazing shows all over the world; we, as the athletes, have to do our best to put on a show for the fans and what better way to do that than to have some fun and smile while you are up there. Shake what ya mama gave ya and show off all that hard work! Who knows who you could inspire! :o)

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