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Cleaning Up My Diet

As I start cleaning up my diet and adding a little cardio in the morning or after training, my appetite and workouts are getting a lot better! Make sure if you do your morning cardio on empty stomach that you do not forget your aminos before you exercise. I like to mix 1 serving of Anavite with 15g Aminolast then my cardio. Now I'm using Adrenocharge which did help me a lot as I mentioned on my last blog. Also, I went from 2 servings of SuperPump3.0 to 1 servings and I feel good. Back to my workouts though, like I mentioned before the little bit of cardio is helping to get back to my hi-intensity training and hi-volume. I love to challenge myself when it comes to reps! I believe hi reps as heaviest possible without sacrificing form is working for me so good and maybe because im not the strongest person out there or at least I never try to be. At this point of cleaning up my diet I'm having 2 protein shakes per day, IsoFusion post workout and MyoFusion before bed with some egg white and a whole avocado LOL yeah that's a crazy meal I know but believe it or not I look forward to it because its different, specially cause I only add a little water to my MyoFusion so it becomes very pudding like. Today was leg day I usually liken to to split quads and hams and today was quad day and a went like this:

Single leg extensions:

- 50lbs x15

- 60lbs x15

- 80lbs x15

- 100lbs x15

- 120lbs x15

- 140lbs x15

Each leg!!

Leg press:

- 6 sets x15rep

- 7 set x30


- 135lbs x12

- 225lbs x12

- 315lbs x12

- 225lbs x50

I did it in 3set just to be able to catch my breath.. 35reps straight then 7reps and 8reps. Not sure if I want to do this again lol Im kidding I want to be able to do it in one set.


- 2 set using my own body weight.

Legs extension:

- 60lbs x15

- 80lbs x15

- 100lbs x15

Standing hamstrings curls

- 4 sets x12 good amount of weight to get a perfect contraction and full range of motion. Touch up exercise!!!!

Still doing my post workout 2 servings of isofusion and 25mins late 100g of Glycofuse.

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