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Getting More Time At the Gym

Let me start my thanking all the military personnel who are serving our country. Thank you so much!!! Without these men and women we would not have all the freedoms we have.

We all want to have the weekend off but sometimes forget other people who are working would like time off too, like the people who work at the gym. So I got to the gym on Sunday at my usual time and found out they're closing in 45mins. I just finished drinking my GlycoFuse and Aminolast plus the SuperPump3.0 didn't even kick in yet .. oh boy!! By the time I change and get ready I only have 35mins to do some shoulders so I end up doing this ..

One big giant set:

Set -1 all 3 exercises in one big set no break in between movements.

Front D-bells raise X 20reps

Side lateral X 20reps

Bent over rear delts X 20

Set -2 (increase weight)

Repeat X 15

Repeat X 15

Repeat X 15

Set -3 (increase weight)

Repeat X12

Repeat X 12

Repeat X 12

Dumbbells press

70lbs X12

90lbs X12

115lbs X12

I was also able to 3 sets of abs

By this time the gym was closing and I ended up going home and doing 20 mins of cardio because didn't want it to skip my cardio at all. My meals have been the same and pre and post haven't changed either. The only thing im going to start soon is taking DetonateXT and I'm still debating if I should start now or in few more weeks.

Thanks you guys and talk to you soon!! I hope you guys enjoyed the weekend!!

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