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What If I Can’t?

This morning, I caught up with a good friend for cardio and girl talk. When I asked her about her 2013 competition plans, her demeanor changed from bright and cheery to a little defeated and down. With her eyes gazing down, she said, “I don’t want to think about it.” When I asked her if [...]

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After a long day at work, holiday shopping marathon or tough training session, relax, unwind and cozy up on the couch with a MYOFUSION HOT CHOCOLATE. It has all the warmth and creamy comfort of a Swiss Miss or Starbucks without the empty sugar calories.  Happy Holidays! MYOFUSION HOT CHOCOLATE Makes 1 large mug (or [...]

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Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving kicks off my favorite time of year. I just feel extra happy these final few months of the year. It’s time with family, giving to others, reconnecting with friends, the sparkling lights, the festive aromas and the thanks-giving. Besides filling us up with gravy-covered goodness, the Thanksgiving holiday reminds us to account for our [...]

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Cranberry Sweet Potato MyoFusion Cupcakes

I created a NEW THANKSGIVING version of my MyoFusion cupcakes, and they are delish!  Whip these up as a Thanksgiving dessert, breakfast before Black Friday shopping or anytime you’re craving fall-flavors! CRANBERRY SWEET POTATO CUPCAKES Calories 196 | Fat 5g | Carb 15g | Protein 22g| Recipe featured this week at my blog—> YOUR BEST at [...]

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