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Jaime Baird

Soaking Up Life

Today I had a really cool, unexpected experience during a chore I really dislike–grocery shopping. I won’t bore you with all the reasons why grocery shopping isn’t my favorite thing; suffice to say that I usually rush as fast as I can through the store with my head down to avoid all social contact and [...]

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MyoFusion Elite PB&J Protein Cookies

Inspired by the super delicious NEW MyoFusion Elite Peanut Butter Cookie Dough protein, I developed a quick and easy protein cookie recipe that honors one of the greatest peanut butter creations of all time…the PB&J. The recipe uses only four simple ingredients and each cookie is only 90 calories (10g protein, 4g fat, 4 g [...]

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Quick Shoulder & Tricep Blast

The other day, I had a small emergency come up while I was training, and I had to cram shoulders and triceps into about twenty minutes. With the Arnold only weeks away, I had to make the most of those minutes. I did a pre-exhaust set to begin each muscle group and followed it with [...]

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5 Weeks Until The Arnold!

It’s five weeks until the Arnold. I can’t believe it! If I really start thinking too much about how far or how close a show is, I can get a little anxious. Is this where I should be at this point? How many more cardios? How many more times must I endure the fish slime? [...]

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