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5 Weeks Until The Arnold!

It’s five weeks until the Arnold. I can’t believe it!

If I really start thinking too much about how far or how close a show is, I can get a little anxious. Is this where I should be at this point? How many more cardios? How many more times must I endure the fish slime? Will I be happy with my result?

All these questions can just tie your head and your energy in a pretzel. The best thing I, or anyone pushing toward any goal, can do is to stay focused on making the most of each present moment and don’t worry about the rest.

When you boil your goals down to a series of maximized moments rather than a long arduous journey, the whole experience seems much more simple, achievable AND a heck of a lot more enjoyable! These words by Corita Kent beautifully capture the spirit of being present-focused:

"Love the moment, and the energy of that moment will spread beyond all boundaries."

While I have competed in 20+ IFBB Pro Bikini shows, I still have to remind myself to stay present-focused rather than getting too caught up in what will be come March 2nd.  This was especially true the first few weeks of my prep, as I had a bit of a slow start. The effort invested in my training and the strictness of my diet did not seem to pay off the first few weeks. The scale wouldn’t budge and it was hard to discern any visible changes. I joked that my body was like my stubborn 2-year-old niece refusing to do what she’s told. But, like my niece, my body eventually got tired of fighting and gave in.

During those first few weeks of very slow progress, I had to fight the urge to start worrying about what would happen if my body didn’t cooperate. The best way to squash that unproductive thought process is to just work! As long as I am doing my part every day, I will get where I need to be.

All that said, I am really happy with my progress over the last few weeks and am thrilled to have the opportunity to step on stage at the Arnold Bikini International once again. It is a tremendous honor.

Now...I am off to do cardio and then enjoy a little of this gorgeous Florida weather.

Until next time, keep pushing toward your best!

P.S. Does your willpower give out when the sun goes down? Find out why and what to do about it in my latest article at

Jaime Baird

IFBB Bikini Pro

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