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Flex Lewis Makes it Three for Three in Prague!

Nov. 07, 2012

by Ron Harris

The richly historic European city of Prague in the Czech Republic was the setting this past weekend as Team Gaspari superstar Flex Lewis put the final slam-dunk on his 2013 season by making it three for three.

Very few champions have ever been able to maintain their condition for a full four weeks, but that's exactly what The Welsh Dragon did. It was on September 29 that he won the 212 Showdown at the Mr. Olympia, showing more quality muscle than ever before yet with the trademarked crisp condition and striations he's known for. Three weeks later, he successfully defended his British Grand Prix title in his native United Kingdom.

Still not finished, he gave his legions of Eastern European fans a chance to come see him nab his third title in four weeks in Prague. As usual, he faced excellent opposition in the form of the symmetrical Sami Al Haddad and the always shredded Eduardo Correa, but neither man could compare to the total package of dense mass, flowing lines and shape, and cavernous cuts of Lewis.

Congratulations to Flex on his incredible and undefeated 2012 contest season. Now he can rest at last for brief time before doing the only thing he knows how to do - get back to the iron and push even harder to be even deadlier and tougher to beat in 2013!

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