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Hidetada Yamagishi to Compete in Arnold Classic 212 Division

Jan. 24, 2014

Gaspari Nutrition is proud to announce that Team Gaspari bodybuilder Hidetada Yamagishi recently announced that he will compete in the first ever Arnold Classic 212 contest. Up until this point, the Arnold offered the men's open competition but never a 212 division competition. Yamagishi confirmed this move just days ago via his Facebook page. As a bodybuilder known more for conditioning and symmetry as opposed to overall mass, the switch makes sense for him. This will be the first time that he does not compete in the open class as an IFBB pro.

“I greatly appreciate Jim and Bob Lorimer letting me switch to the class. I have been waiting for this moment and I finally feel I'm ready to battle with the top 212 athletes. I'd also like to thank Rich Gaspari, Steve Weinberger, Iris Kyle , and all my friends who advised me to make this decision. Last but not least, I want to thank all my fans all over the world for your support. I won't let you down,” said Yamagishi.

Team Gaspari will have a large presence at the Arnold Sports Festival. Gaspari athletes will be in full force and attendees will be able to sample the newest products. Hidetada Yamagishi himself will be at the booth alongside fellow Team Gaspari bodybuilder Branch Warren for pictures and autographs alongside CEO Rich Gaspari.

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