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In 51 Days No Excuses, Rich Gaspari invites you on a 51 day challenge to transform your body and mind with a no excuses approach at a lifestyle change. With the 51 day program, it is important you stay the course and realize that you are the only person that can hold you back. In this book you will not only receive a daily diet and exercise plan, but stories of overcoming obstacles, personal setbacks, and how to stay motivated in the face of adversity. It doesn’t matter if your goal is to be a bodybuilder or to just get in better shape, you are going to get leaner, stronger, ripped and bigger in the right places with Rich’s program as well as motivated. And you don’t have to worry if you don’t have all the right equipment, if you feel too small, or if you think you are past your prime. Rich’s 51 day program will get you on the right track to looking and feeling great. Stop the excuses today and watch your body and mind change.

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The book reviews are in and here is what people are saying:

"The book is a 51 day adventure that transformed Gaspari from a normal looking retired bodybuilder to a person having a physique that was good enough to compete at a world-class level. The great part about this is that you can do the exact same thing. Maybe you are not a person that would want to step on the stage, but if you follow his routines and diet's, you will change your life forever. It is a easy read, the workouts are very easy to understand and anybody at any age can use his training routines."

- Brandon Frazer

"I was fortunate enough to receive and early copy of the book for review purposes. These are my options are my own. It was a great book and very inspirational. Rich was able to do so much in his life with many sets backs. Along with his story you get an amazing nutritional guide and workout plan. It all goes along with his 51 days to getting back in shape. If you have any fitness aspirations pick this book up and you will be inspired.

- Javier Jasso

"I honestly don't ever read books usually. Being a father of four is a full time job and trying to stay healthy I don't have much extra time. When I received my copy of the book I started to read it and I couldn't put it down. I read a few chapters and wanted to still continue. It’s just crazy how one man can just be knocked down multiple times and didn't give up. I relate to Rich we have all have been there. I loved the book and I am now working on finishing 51 days workout plan. I'm on week 3 as I type this. The program is bringing results. I'm sticking pretty close to the nutrition plan as well. I truly recommend this book you will get motivated. Also great healthy recipes that are really easy. I can’t wait to get the full book."

- Chuck Calhoun

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