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It's day two here in Rio de Janeiro where I'm visiting for the Arnold Classic Brazil. This year I've been traveling more then ever and I've been on the road more days then I've been home in New Jersey. Many frequent flyers use their jobs as an excuse to skip workouts and I can't argue that this travel is exhausting. But I find my energy in staying fit and my dedication to living like a bodybuilder 365 days a year is what makes me ... a bodybuilder.

My secret to sanity on the road is keeping normalcy and living like a bodybuilder no matter where I am in the world. I thought this would be a great opportunity to share my top 5 tips for staying big & ripped on the road, so here they are:

1.ALWAYS TRAIN: One of the most fun parts of traveling is seeing the different gyms all over the world. I've been able to see some incredible modern fitness centers, unforgettable old school gyms, and everything in between. Even when I end up somewhere small or poorly equipped, I work with what is there to get in a hardcore workout.If getting to a gym is a priority, then you will find one. Start with Google and search for local gyms. When you get to your destination, check with the hotel staff and try to get recommendations. Be very clear about what you need so you get pointed in the right direction.

I can't stress enough that the Internet is your best resource. Last night I was looking at pictures of the gym I was heading to and I woke up excited that it had all the tools I need to grow.

2.EAT CLEAN: I have never been unable to find a clean meal if I look hard enough. Every where in the world I am able to find a good source or protein and some clean carbs for at least 2-3 meals and most often 5-6 meals. It just comes down to your desire and dedication to fueling your body right and never settling for what's most convenient. This morning I had egg whites, two whole egg, oatmeal, and coffee before hitting the gym. I asked the waiter to have the eggs cooked without any extra butter or oil and they gladly made them nice & clean.I had a post-workout shake of Isofusion and Glycofuse, and then ordered plain grilled chicken and rice from the hotel restaurant. Knowing I had a long day ahead at the booth, I asked them to prepare three of these meals so I could pack two in my cooler for the expo. I had no idea what types of food would be available, so I made sure I left prepared.

Dinner was a nice big steak and potato, and then I finished the day with 2 scoops of Myofusion Protein and a handful of almonds. My body has all the amino acids it needs to recover and the carbs to fuel tomorrow's leg workout!

3.SUPPLEMENT SMART: When I pack for a trip, my supplements are just as important as underwear and I always leave with plenty of both. For each day I will be gone, I pack little zip lock bags of each product I need to maximize my training. Here is what I packed for Brazil:- 1 can of Isofusion Premium Whey Isolate Protein. I empty the protein out into a gallon size zip lock bag and it fits easily in my checked luggage.

- (10) Small bags each containing 1 scoop of Glycofuse

- (5) small bags each containing 1 scoop of Aminolast

- (5) small bags each containing 2 scoops of SuperPump 3.0

This is enough for the four days I'm in Rio and covers me for one workout each day (plus one extra to be safe).

The key is making sure I have everything I need to have a great workout in any circumstances. If I miss a meal, I still have Glyofuse and Aminolast to power me through the session. The Isofusion is ready for a fast-acting post-workout recovery shake. And of course I don't even want to enter the gym without SuperPump 3.0. These trips are draining, but two scoops of 3.0 and I'm focused, energized, and getting the sickest pumps as soon as I touch a weight.

Tomorrow (Saturday) features a great line up of up & coming young bodybuilders along with some seasoned veterans. It's going to be a great show and as the first-ever Arnold Classic champ, every edition of this great event has special meaning.

But first up I'm hitting legs with Team Gaspari Pro Bodybuilder Hidetada Yamagishi and Muscular Development will be there to video the workout and share some of our top leg training tips.

Goodnight from RIO!

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