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The LA Fit Expo

This week's blog is about the L.A. Fit Expo, which took place all last weekend at the very impressive L.A. Convention Center. Gaspari Nutrition has been involved in the Fit Expo since it began eight years ago in Pasadena, and it's grown tremendously just as we have.

I would say that that the L.A. Fit Expo is now in the top three trade shows for the bodybuilding and fitness industry, along with the Arnold Classic and the Olympia Weekend. Like the Arnold Sports Festival, it includes a wide variety of athletic competitions. In the early years there was pretty much only amateur bodybuilding and powerlifting. Now the Fit Expo also features strongman, Olympic weightlifting, jujitsu, wrestling, CrossFit, and the BodySpace Spokesmodel Search.

The Gaspari Nutrition booth was packed all weekend. We were proud to introduce the newest member of Team Gaspari, rising MMA star and Olympic medalist in judo, Ronda Rousey. Ronda's many fans were lining up for photos and autographs and I am so proud to have her on board.

We also introduced our newest product, Vasotropin, which was designed to give you the most insane pump possible. We could not hand out samples fast enough! Even though it's only been on sale for a month, people were coming up to me all weekend to tell me how much they love it and how they are grateful we came up with something even better than PlasmaJet. I love hearing from satisfied customers! It's times like that when I know we are really doing the right thing with our company and making the very best products on the market.

We also had team members UFC star Brian Stann and IFBB Pro's Hide Yamagishi and Krissy Chin at the booth. No matter how many fans were lined up to meet them, they each had a smile for every single one and took the time to talk to them about their own fitness goals.

You know I never miss a workout, and this particular weekend I caught an excellent biceps and triceps blast with Hide at the Gold's Gym in downtown LA. Hide is currently in his off-season, and it's exciting to see the gains he's making. Arm training is one workout when you definitely want the most skin-busting pump possible, so we had 6 tablets of Vasotropin with our meal about an hour and a half before the workout, then 3 scoops of SuperPump MAX - Uncle Richie's Sour Apple of course - right before he left for the gym.

Another tool for the most sickening arm pump imaginable is super sets, so that's what this workout was all about. Here's what we did:

  • Rope pushdowns supersetted with Standing alternate dumbbell Curls

    4 sets of 10 reps

  • Lying pullover press supersetted with Close-grip preacher curls

    4 sets of 10

  • Seated 2-Arm DB extensions Supersetted with Reverse curls on a preacher bench

    3 sets of 10

  • Cross-bench triceps dips Supersetted with DB Concentration curls 'Arnold Style' bent over a DB rack.

    3 sets of 12

I'd like to think that I helped Hide bring up his arms just a little bit in this one workout. He's all about hard work and intensity in the gym, just like me, and this superset arm workout really had him pumped up like crazy.

There were more vendors, events, and competitions than ever before, and I only see the Fit Expo getting bigger and better every year. I'm proud to say that Gaspari Nutrition was with them from day one, and we plan to grow right along with the Fit Expo for many more years!

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