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Contest History

1979 New Jersey Physique Teenager 6th Place
1980 New Jersey Physique Teenager 3rd Place
1981 New Jersey Physique Teenager 1st Place
1982 Jersey Classic 1st Place
1983 NPC Jr. Nationals
Heavyweight and Overall Division
1st Place
1983 NPC Nationals
Heavyweight Division
1st Place
1984 NPC Nationals
Light-Heavyweight Division
1st Place
1984 World Amateur
Light-Heavyweight Division
1st Place
1985 Night of Champions 2nd Place
1985 Mr. Olympia 3rd Place
1986 Los Angeles Pro 1st Place
1986 Mr. Olympia 2nd Place
1986 Pro World 1st Place
1987 Grand Prix Cannes France 1st Place
1987 Grand Prix Frankfurt Germany 1st Place
1987 Mr. Olympia 2nd Place
1988 Mr. Olympia 2nd Place
1988 Grand Prix Germany 1st Place
1988 Grand Prix Spain 1st Place
1988 Grand Prix France 1st Place
1988 Grand Prix Italy 1st Place
1989 Arnold Classic 1st Place
1989 Mr. Olympia 4th Place
1990 Mr. Olympia 5th Place
1991 Arnold Classic 7th Place
1991 Mr. Olympia 10th Place
1995 Canada Pro 5th Place
1996 Canada Pro 11th Place
1996 San Jose Pro 16th Place
1996 Florida Cup Pro 12th Place
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