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Antonio M. from Kenosha, WI

Gaspari Nurtion is the only way to go, period. Dec. 12, 2011

My name is Antonio Mazzulla, I'm twenty-seven years old and a full-time graduate student. Keeping my body healthy and in shape has always been an important factor in my life. At the age of thirteen, I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease, an incurable, inflammatory bowel disease that affects the digestive tract and has a dramatic impact on my overall health. Unfortunately, because there is not a cure, it is of the utmost importance that I am aware of everything that I put in my body to keep healthy and combat potentially seriouss flare-ups. I do not put anything in my body that I think will have an adverse affect on my already taxed system, so when it came to choosing a protein powder, I did my homework. I've tried plenty of powdered proteins, but they either didn't taste good, mix well, or have the right combination of nutrients I expected from a protein powder. When the original Myofusion was first introduced, I gave it a shot and was blown away, because I finally found a protein that had it all together. The taste was amazing, the nutrients were there, and it mixed up easily. Now, with the introduction of the Myofusion Probiotic Series, I'm blown away once again. Most individuals aren't aware of the tremendous benefits of probiotics in their daily diets. For me, because of my disease, I'm well aware of the vast benefits they have on the immune system and helping my body breakdown and absorb the nutrients I need to stay healthy. I'm proud to use Gaspari Nutrition products, because they are no non-sense, truly beneficial products that work, period.

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Michael M. from Claremont, NH


As a single father, finding the energy to work out was challenging. My workouts were sluggish and just not effective. When I was introduced to SuperPump 3.0 the benefits were immediately clear! Using it, I found increased energy, drive and yielded some...

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