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Branden L. from South Weber, UT

Anatropin, Anavite, Superpump Max Aug. 23, 2012

Since first trying the Gaspari brand supplements, I have quickly learned the difference in quality products, and the importance of a company that truly defines itself as a leader in the supplement industry. SUPERPUMP MAX - I first started with a sample of the SuperPump Max at my gym one day before my workout, I had forgotten to take my (then) current preworkout and needed something. I was immediatley impressed!! The muscle stretch and pump I got that first time was better than I had ever felt. I never went back. I stopped at my local shop and bought a bottle of the green apple and am now over a year later, and many tubs later still using the green apple SuperPump Max, and still get the same focus and muscle pump as I did on the first sample! ANAVITE - I was looking for a new multi-vitamin a while back and heard a friend mention Anavite. I figured if he was impressed (which was hard to do), I would probably like it... It is really the best multi I have ever taken!! and to let you know how much I like it, I went on a business trip earlier this year, and left the bottle of anavite home by mistake. As soon as I realized I didn't have them, I looked up supplement shops where I was going and on the way to the hotel, stopped and bought a bottle so I wouldnt miss a day of taking them! ANATROPIN - I was a bit skeptical on this one. I had lifting buddies tell me to try out a test-booster in order to drop a few pounds and lean out a bit, but just didn't know for sure. I researched at least 20-30 different brands, types, etc., but kept coming back to the Anatropin. I had really liked the Gaspari products I was currently taking, so I figured it was a brand I really trusted so why not. I have been on them for a little over 2 weeks now, and am ABSOLUTELY IMPRESSED!!! I have dropped multiple pounds, noticed my arms leaning out more, and of course, there are the "other" advantages to increased testosterone. I plan on continuing the 4 weeks on/4 weeks off cycle as recommended and look forward to the weight loss and muscle gain to come! My next supplement from Gaspari... Detonate! Cant wait to try that!

Products: Anavite , SuperPump Max , Anatropin

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Michael M. from Claremont, NH


As a single father, finding the energy to work out was challenging. My workouts were sluggish and just not effective. When I was introduced to SuperPump 3.0 the benefits were immediately clear! Using it, I found increased energy, drive and yielded some...

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