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Kari G. from Houston, TX

In the Best Shape of My life! Sep. 01, 2013

Growing up I was always active with running and playing sports. However, as I got older my metabolism slowed and I gained weight. I have tried all the fad diets and lost weight doing them. Unfortunately, as soon as I stopped the diet, the weight would return. Last year, a few months before I turned 30, I decided I needed a change. I began attending small group weight training classes, but discovered I needed something to aim for; some sort of motivation to keep going. I approached Ken Jackson, who owns the gym I attend and part of Team Gaspari, and shared my interest in competing. Based on my size and build, Ken suggested I compete in the Figure Division. I was not completely sold on Figure but thought maybe Bikini was more my thing. Ken supported my goal and agreed to start training me for the NPC Nicole Wilkins Show that took place July 13, 2013.

I began weight training five days a week and Ken provided me with a new meal plan. A few weeks into my training, Ken introduced me to Gaspari Nutrition Products. Pre-workout I would take Aminolast to reduce muscle soreness, post-workout I took GlycoFuse in conjunction with IsoFusion to build and repair my muscles, and before bed I took MyoFusion Elite Protein to repair and build lean muscle while I slept. It was amazing the changes I began to see in my body after I began taking these products!

Continued use of Gaspari supplements along with diet and training allowed me to lose 60 lbs, drop 10 pants sizes, and has put me in the best shape of my life! Further, I placed 5th in my first ever Bikini competition. I¹m confident in saying that my health and body will only improve as I continue to train and use all of my Gaspari products.

Products: Aminolast , IsoFusion , GlycoFuse , MyoFusion Elite Protein Series

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Michael M. from Claremont, NH


As a single father, finding the energy to work out was challenging. My workouts were sluggish and just not effective. When I was introduced to SuperPump 3.0 the benefits were immediately clear! Using it, I found increased energy, drive and yielded some...

Products: SuperPump 3.0

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