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Greg T. from Tigard, OR

Greg Thompson Nov. 25, 2013

My name is Greg Thompson. I have been in athletics as a competitor and as a trainer all of my life. Currently I train and coach at my gym, Next Level MMA. I have experience working in and working with local law enforcement and have had the privilege to work with the US Military all over the world. I have found much fulfillment with working on Relay for Life and am inspired by those who participate. I have competed in the UFC was a top amatuer mma fighter. And I am a believer and supporter of Gaspari Nutrition. Gaspari Nutrition has literally helped me take my recovery and performance to the Next Level. As I've matured in life and increased the level of my competitiveness, I started really struggling to recover and keep my strength up while still making weight for my BJJ competitions. It was suggested to me to try aminos or vitamins. Even though I have not been a consistent supplement user, products like Anavite and Aminolast peaked my interest. The information provide by Gaspari Nutrition was right on. My recovery times started to improve and my performance was amazing. Aminolast has done so much for my lean mass and energy levels, that it's easier for me to keep my desired weight for competition and no strength loss. I was so impressed with the Anavite and Aminolast that I added Superdrive and Glycofuse to my now consistent supplement regime. My competitive nature will always be a part of me. The decision to add supplements to aid in my recovery has helped me step it up a notch. Adding Gaspari Nutrition's product to my work out regime has allowed me to continue competing at an optimal level and improve my skills and accomplishments: 2002 Oregon State BJJ Championships White Belt 2012 Pan American Championships Silver Medalist Blue Belt 2012 International Master & Senior Jiu-Jitsu Championship in Rio de Janeiro Bronze Medalist Purple Belt 2013 Pan Ams Gold Medalist Purple Belt 2013 World Masters BJJ Championship Gold Medalist Purple Belt Thai Boxing with Kru Jeremy Wijers BJJ with Eben Kaneshiro and Kurt Shrout Affiliate/student of Cavaca/Checkmat Jiu-Jitsu, under World BJJ Champion Rodrigo Cavaca Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu purple belt under Master Rodrigo Cavaca Cornered for Nate “Rock” Quarry and Chris “the Crippler” Leben in several UFC events

Products: Anavite , Aminolast , GlycoFuse , SuperDrive

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Michael M. from Claremont, NH


As a single father, finding the energy to work out was challenging. My workouts were sluggish and just not effective. When I was introduced to SuperPump 3.0 the benefits were immediately clear! Using it, I found increased energy, drive and yielded some...

Products: SuperPump 3.0

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