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Roma O. from Winter Park, FL

Superdrive Dec. 13, 2013

There can be a lot of doubt in ones mind when going to order online or purchase supplements from a local shop. You might consider and reconsider if the information given to you on the internet or by a sales person has been trustworthy and scientifically backed. When it comes to Gaspari Nutrition products I have found that what it says on the label is what is in the mix. My most recent product used was Superdrive, and unlike many other products out there for pre-workout, I didn't get any surprises that I didn't want. What I did get was the energy and pump I needed to sustain and prolong my training. Not only that but once again the flavor of the product was outstanding. Mango is a tough flavor to make and mixing that with orange had to be a real test of their blend for it not to be acidic or sour. Well after the first sip, I was hooked. Simply put, it's delicious and beats out the competitors for flavor and activation during the workout. Another winner product by Gaspari.

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Michael M. from Claremont, NH


As a single father, finding the energy to work out was challenging. My workouts were sluggish and just not effective. When I was introduced to SuperPump 3.0 the benefits were immediately clear! Using it, I found increased energy, drive and yielded some...

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