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Antonia Perdikakis

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Athlete Background

How long have you been into your sport? >

Since 2000

How did you get started? >

I actually started as a fitness model for Gaspari Nutrition, attending and working these bodybuilding shows, and one day I just said “I can do this!” and I did…

why do you train? >

I love the challenge of always knowing I can push it harder or get stronger.

what motivates you? >

The feeling of being strong and healthy.

What are your goals? >

To improve and just keep getting better. I am an athlete at heart. I like to run races, do obstacle courses, and basically anything that is going to challenge me. I would definitely like to do a triathlon or try some Crossfit. I just love to train and work hard.

What are your core principles behind your approach to this sport? >

I always stay hungry. There is always someone who is working harder than you, so I always train like I am in second, fighting for first.

what advice would you give someone? >

Have a vision with clear set goals, map out how to get there, and let nothing get in your way. Believe in yourself and work hard; everything else will fall into place.

Sample Off-Season Diet >

Meal 1: 1.5 scoop MyoFusion Elite Protein Series, ½ cup gluten free oats, berries
Meal 2: 8 egg whites, ½ cup gluten free oats cooked like a pancake
Meal 3: 6 oz. chicken, ¾ cup rice, 1 cup green veggies
Meal 4: 1.5 scoop Myofusion, 1 tbsp. all natural nut butter
Meal 5: 6 oz. lean white fish, 2 oz. avocado, small salad (about 2-3 times per week I will have salmon, bison, or steak)
Meal 6: 8 egg whites and ½ scoop Myofusion cooked like a pancake

Sample Off-Season Training >


· 4 sets Single Arm Lateral Raise
· 4 sets Hammer Strength Shoulder Press
· 4 sets Dumbbell Lateral Raise SUPERSET with Front Raise/Upright Row with Barbell
· 4 sets Reverse Peck Deck Flye
· 4 sets Rear Delt Pull SUPERSET Bent Over Single Arm Lateral Raise


· 4 sets Wide Grip Pulldowns
· 4 sets Straight Arm Pulldowns
· 4 sets Single Arm Pulldowns
· 4 sets Pullups SUPERSET with Underhand Grip Barbell Rows
· 4 sets Cable Row (Wide Grip)
· 4 sets Single Arm Dumbbell Row
· 7 sets Close Grip Pulldowns


· 200 Walking Lunges (4 sets of 50, last 2 sets with Dumbbells or Barbells)
· 4 sets Leg Extensions SUPERSET with 4 sets Seated Leg Curls
· 4 sets Leg Press (my favorite is vertical)
· 4 sets Kneeling Leg Curls SUPERSET with 4 sets Deadlifts
· 4 sets Lying Leg Curls
· 4 sets Glute Kickback SUPERSET with Reverse Abductor
· 7 sets Sumo Squats
· Calves (usually about 8 sets total)


· 4 sets Hammer Curls
· 4 sets EZ Bar Curls SUPERSET with Standing Preacher
· 4 sets Overhead Tricep Rope Extension
· 4 sets Single Arm Cable Tricep Kickback
· 4 sets Tricep Dips SUPERSET Tricep Wide Grip Pulldown
· 3 sets DROPSET Single Arm Dumbbell Curls

I train as hard as I can in the offseason and during contest prep. The only difference is that during contest prep I tend to triple and superset more to keep my heart rate up. I very rarely am spending more than 60 minutes on a weight workout during contest prep; offseason I could be training for 90-120 minutes with stretching and rest between sets.

Sample Contest Diet >

Meal 1: 6-8 egg whites, ½ cup gluten free oats or ¼ cup cream of rice
Meal 2: 1.5 Scoop Isofusion, 1 tbsp. Flax Seeds
Meal 3: 6 oz. chicken, 1 cup green veggies
Meal 4: 1.5 scoop IsoFusion, 15 almonds
Meal 5: 6 oz. lean white fish, 1 cup green veggies, 1 oz. avocado, small salad
Meal 6: 8 egg whites

Sample Contest Training >

See Sample Off-Season Training per Body Part

Amateur and Pro Competition History >

year Event Division Result
2013 LA Grand Prix Women's Physique 10th
2012 IFBB Valenti Gold Cup Women's Physique 14th
2012 NPC USA Champions Women's Physique 2nd
2011 Team Universe Women's Physique 6th
2011 NPC Nationals Women's Physique 14th
2011 Eastern USA Women's Physique 3rd
2010 Team Universe Women's Physique 16th
Gaspari Nutrition Antonia Perdikakis


full name:Antonia Perdikakis
place of birth: Baltimore, Maryland
date of birth: 05-02-1983
residence: Cockeysville, Maryland
contest weight: 143 lbs.
off-season weight: 153 lbs.
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