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Ashley Kaltwasser has been involved in the bikini division since 2011, when her former high school coach introduced her to a new sport to challenge her body. After just a few short months of training, she claimed 1st place in the 2011 NPC Natural Northern USA Championships. Since then, she has set the bikini division ablaze with her relentless competitiveness and determination to succeed.

A self-described “picky eater,” Ashley takes a more appetizing twist on her approach to training. After being a competitive sports participant for the majority of her life, including being a former division one track athlete who ran the 400 meter hurdles, Ashley has become an expert in properly and effectively fuelling her athletic performance. It is her ability to balance clean eating with tasty dishes – including French toast – that has helped heighten her appeal both inside and outside of the bikini division.

As the current 2x Ms. Bikini Olympia Champion (consecutive wins) and winner of the 2014 & 2015 ARNOLD Classic Bikini International Championship, Ashley is truly at the top of her game. These recent wins join her other past titles including Arnold Amateur Champion, Team Universe Champion, and the Toronto Pro Supershow Champion. In addition, she has won many other bikini competitions in venues around the world. See all of Ashley’s contest results on the opposing page.

Ashley’s impressive list of titles in a relatively short amount of time is the direct result of Ashley’s ‘no-excuses’ commitment to training. With her constant goal to do better than the year before, she’s always on the path towards progression and improvement. Ashley has therefore naturally received plenty of attention throughout the fitness world, since entering the bikini division. As a result, she has secured athlete sponsorships with industry leading brands including Better Bodies, MuscleEgg and Gaspari Nutrition, and is also sponsored by Liquid Sun Rayz.

Ashley is motivated by her ability to use her current standing to inspire other girls to start a healthy and fit lifestyle. She leads by example. She also writes for FitnessRX for Women and graced its December 2013 cover, and has also appeared on the cover of the exceedingly popular women’s fitness magazine, Oxygen two times! With hard work both inside and outside of the gym, it is clear to see why Ashley has climbed to the top of the bikini division at an amazing pace.

Over the past four years, Ashley has guided her training under the core principle that fitness should not only be part of your daily routine, but it should also be fun. This love of competition has powered her transition from an unknown to one of the sport’s most recognizable and successful personalities. With her continued training and improvement, Ashley has cemented her spot atop the international bikini division.

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