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Recently a friend turned me onto one of the simplest and greatest ways to get protein into my system in the morning before a workout. While I love a good protein shake or protein in my oatmeal sometimes truth is all I get down before heading to the gym is not much more than a […]

Athlete Background

How long have you been into your sport? >

I started with the first ever Spartan Race in May 2010

How did you get started? >

I saw a friend "like" it on Facebook and figured I would give it a try.

why do you train? >

I love the outdoors. I try to base most of my training outside and in the woods. I love reconnecting with nature while at the same time getting a great workout in. Nothing is better than a sunset trail run.

what motivates you? >

I live in Vermont, I am surrounded by some of the best scenery in the country. I am motivated by my surroundings. Even on a bad day when I get to the top of a mountain all stress seems to melt away. I like to push myself as well and try new things, I put myself into races where the outcome is unknown and the journey is as much the race as the finish itself is.

What are your goals? >

I came into obstacle racing in it's infancy and have watched it grow. I hope to continue to grow as an athlete as the sport does and continue to be able to give back to those coming after me.

What are your core principles behind your approach to this sport? >

Super simple, Hard Work and Dedication. I believe we are all works in progress, ever improving and building on what we already have.

what advice would you give someone? >

You need to be strong yes, but you also need endurance. Obstacle racing is like no other sport it requires a variety of movements and the ability to roll as you never know the course layout before you start. You literally find out as you go.

Sample Off-Season Diet >

Off-Season I eat pretty much what I want. I don’t take really any supplements other than a multivitamin.

Sample Off-Season Training >

I rest a lot in the off-season. Some light running and light lifting. I cross train with alpine & Nordic skiing as well as snowshoeing.

Sample Contest Diet >

Same I pretty much eat what I want. I eat a lot of beans, rice and eggs during competition season. I love Greek yogurt as well. I have a garden in the summer and try to get all my food from that I have grown or farm fresh from local farmers. When I am training, the biggest thing is a protein shake for recovery after a workout and BCAA’s!!

Sample Contest Training >

In Training Season, I trail run for endurance, My trainer owns a rock climbing wall so for upper body we do a lot of work on the rock walls. For targeted areas I head into the gym once or twice a week and lift for specific muscles that I didn’t hit in other training.

Amateur and Pro Competition History >

year Event Division Result
2011 Spartan Beast (12+ Miles), Killington, VT 3rd
2011 Warrior Dash (5K), Windham, NY 2nd
2011 Tough Mudder New England (10 Miles), Mt. Snow, VT 3rd
2011 Vermont 50 Trail Race (50K), Ascutney, VT 5th
2011 Spartan Race World Championship (9 Miles), Glen Rose, TX 6th
2011 World’s Toughest Mudder Participant
2011 2011 Season Top 10
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