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Hidetada Yamagishi

After I came back home from Arnold Classic where I took second in 212 devision, I got back to the gym right away to reconstruct my physique further more toward upcoming mr. Olympia in September. My goal this off season is to put as much as quality weight possible in a few month before Olympia […]

Athlete Background

How long have you been into your sport? >

Since I was 20 years old. 16 years!

How did you get started? >

I played rugby in my teens. I wanted to gain weight to enhance my performance. At the time, I only weighed around 130lbs but through weight training, I was able to gain almost 50lbs by time I graduated from high school. After I graduated, I was looking for something new I could pour my energy into, and finally found my passion, bodybuilding.

why do you train? >

I love to train to see how much I improve everyday.

what motivates you? >

I'm a very goal oriented person. I need that adrenaline rush of challenges and working towards a goal. I love to train but what motivates me to work harder every day to bring my physique to the next level is competition and having certain goals to improve myself.

What are your goals? >

Short term goal is to be top 6 in Mr.Olympia 2009. Long term goal is to have my own gym and help people.

What are your core principles behind your approach to this sport? >

It's always an "all or nothing" mentality. There is no such thing as "impossible". We train hard everyday; and even harder the next day!

what advice would you give someone? >

Learn as much as possible about training and nutrition. There's a lot you can learn by trial and error, so write down every training and meals to find out what works or doesn't work for you. As far as competition goes, try to bring your best condition/package every time to stage and focus on your improvements compared to the last competition. I advise not to be overly focused on the placing or winning because that's what the judges are there for. Save the stress and time complaining about it; it's not for you to decide who should be the winner, but it is your job to be your best. Always ask judges for constructive criticism on how you can improve for the next show.

Amateur and Pro Competition History >

year Event Division Result
2010 Olympia Weekend Bodybuilding 10th
2010 Pro Bodybuilding Weekly Championships Bodybuilding 7th
2010 New York Pro Bodybuilding 2nd
2010 Europa Show of Champions - Orlando Bodybuilding 1st
2010 Arnold Classic Bodybuilding 8th
2010 Phoenix Pro Bodybuilding 2nd
2009 Ironman Pro Bodybuilding 4th
2009 Orlando Pro Bodybuilding 2nd
2009 New York Pro Bodybuilding 5th
2009 Atlantic City Pro Bodybuilding 2nd
2009 Olympia Weekend Bodybuilding 2nd
2008 Atlantic City Pro Bodybuilding 9th
2008 Arnold Classic Bodybuilding 9th
2007 Arnold Classic Bodybuilding 13th
2007 Atlantic City Pro Bodybuilding 9th
2007 Grand Prix Australia Bodybuilding 5th
2007 Ironman Pro Invitational Bodybuilding 7th
2007 Olympia Weekend Bodybuilding 7th
2007 Sacramento Pro Championships Bodybuilding 3rd
2006 Grand Prix Austria Bodybuilding 12th
2006 Grand Prix Holland Bodybuilding 4th
2006 Grand Prix Romania Bodybuilding 6th
2006 Ironman Pro Invitational Bodybuilding
2006 San Francisco Pro Invitational Bodybuilding 11th
2006 Santa Susanna Pro Bodybuilding 12th
2005 Ironman Pro Invitational Bodybuilding
2002 Asian Games Bodybuilding 4th
2002 Mr. Japan Bodybuilding 3rd
2002 Japan Nationals Bodybuilding 1st
2002 World Amateur Championships Bodybuilding 10th
2001 Asian Amateur Championships Bodybuilding 1st
2001 Mr. Japan Bodybuilding 1st
2001 Japan Nationals Bodybuilding 1st
2001 World Games Bodybuilding 1st
2001 Mr. Japan Bodybuilding 3rd
2000 World Amateur Championships Bodybuilding 6th
1999 Asian Amateur Championships Bodybuilding 4th
1999 Japan Nationals Bodybuilding 2nd
1998 Japan Nationals Bodybuilding 2nd
Gaspari Nutrition Hidetada Yamagishi


full name:Hidetada Yamagishi
place of birth: Sapporo, Japan
date of birth: 06-30-1973
residence: Los Angeles, CA
contest weight: 220 lbs.
off-season weight: 240 lbs.
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