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Hidetada Yamagishi has been involved in bodybuilding and the fitness field for over 20 years. Beginning as a means to gain weight to increase his performance in rugby, weight training quickly developed into his new passion. This passion has helped Hide excel as a ground-breaking bodybuilder since his first competition in 1994.

Nicknamed “The Ultimate Warrior”, Hide utilizes an “all or nothing” mentality to ensure that there’s no such thing as impossible. His success as a competitor has come as a result of his dedication to finding the training techniques and nutrition supplements that work best for his needs. This dedication helped turn a 130-pound high school student into one of Japan’s most successful professional bodybuilders.

Some of Hide’s notable accomplishments include being the first professional Japanese bodybuilder to compete at the Mr. Olympia and at the Arnold Classic in 2007. That same year he also competed and took 3rd place at the IFBB Sacramento Pro Bodybuilding Grand Prix. In 2010, Hide claimed 1st place at the Europa Show of Champions. He’s also secured Top 3 finishes at the Tampa Pro, the Europa Super Show in 2012. See all of Hidetada’s contest results on the opposing page.

Hide’s successes have come as a result of his goal-oriented personality. He thrives on the adrenaline rush of overcoming challenges, which has led him towards continued daily improvement for over two decades. This drive helped him achieve his short term goal in 2014, when he placed 4th in the Mr. Olympia competition.

Though his long term goal is to open a gym and help others achieve their goals, Hide’s bodybuilding career is just beginning to hit its stride. His focus on being the best has helped him establish a place near the top of the standings in all of his recent competitions.

As a member of Team Gaspari, Hide has demonstrated the unbelievable results that are possible with unrelenting passion and dedication to a fitness regimen. His love of the sport and consistent goal of self-improvement has helped him transition from a kid trying to put on some weight, into one of the most successful bodybuilders in recent memory.

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Meet Hidetada

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