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Julian Serna

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Athlete Background

How long have you been into your sport? >

Since 2011

How did you get started? >

A friend invited me to try it out and it really crushed me so I decided that CrossFit was for me.

why do you train? >

I train to perform better, being a competitor it drives me to improve and try to strive to be better.

what motivates you? >

My main motivation is seeing what lengths and heights I can attain as an athlete.

What are your goals? >

My main goal is to qualify for the CrossFit Games and perform to the best of my abilities.

what advice would you give someone? >

Do not get frustrated with yourself when you feel things are getting tough because those are the moments that get you mentally strong, to be able to push harder and reach your goals
Gaspari Nutrition Julian Serna


full name:Julian Serna
place of birth: Cucuta, Colombia
date of birth: 10-02-1983
residence: Hollywood, FL
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