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Libby DiBiase

Well another Crossfit Games Open has come and gone! It has been a great year for our gym. In our region, the North Central Region, our team, Crossfit Omaha, finished 12th out of 341 gyms! They take the top 15 teams to the Super Regional, so we just about squeaked by. They are doing something […]

Athlete Background

How long have you been into your sport? >

Early 2007

How did you get started? >

I found crossfit while I was running track at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. The strength and conditioning coaches started it in the weight room and I got hooked the first time I did it.

why do you train? >

I train because I love to compete, and this sport gives me a chance to after high school and college athletics.

what motivates you? >

My Son motivates me to train. I want him to adapt to this healthy lifestyle and gain an understanding of eating right, exercising and having fun.

What are your goals? >

My Goals are to make it to the Reebok Crossfit Games every year. Also, to train harder every year, and make jumps in strength.

What are your core principles behind your approach to this sport? >

The one thing I want everyone to know about Crossfit is it's not just about competing. It's about preventative care and living a clean, healthy lifestyle.

what advice would you give someone? >

Train hard, eat right and have fun.

Sample Off-Season Diet >

Breakfast: 4 egg Omelet with veggies, bacon/avocado, oatmeal, (Liquid fish oil, multivitamin, creatine) Snack Myofusion Protein Shake with Vit D milk, Lunch, Whole chicken /salad with veggies, Snack: Cottage cheese, apple, sunbutter, Dinner: Salmon, broccoli, milk, berries, Snack: Protein Shake, Creatine, Anavite multivitamin

Sample Contest Diet >

Just eliminate all starches and dairy. Just consume, meat/fish, veggies, little fruit, and nuts and seeds, still taking protein shakes 2-3 times a day, with creatine/multivitamin each time

Sample Contest Training >

Around 6 weeks before competition start 2-3 a day workouts about 3 days a week, then start tapering a week before.

Amateur and Pro Competition History >

year Event Division Result
2011 Crossfit Games Teams 20th
2010 Crossfit Games 2nd
2009 Crossfit Games 30th
2008 Crossfit Games 6th
Gaspari Nutrition Libby DiBiase


full name:Libby DiBiase
place of birth: Omaha, Nebraska
date of birth: 10-07-1987
residence: Omaha, Nebraska
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