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Shawn Lindo

So much excitement thrilled and very happy and please, This process cannot go any easier and smooth the way it has been my sponsor that hook me up wit the things I need to look and be my best onstage and for that I am very thankful. Thank you Rich thank you Gasparinutrition thank you […]

Favorite Body part(s): Legs
Favorite Body part to train: Back
Favorite Exercise(s): All of them is my favorites because they can help me to get to my goal
Favorite Cheat food(s): Pizza and Mexican food
Favorite Movie(s): The matrix
Favorite TV show(s): Tosh.o it’s always Sunny in Philadelphia archer
Favorite Actor(s): Denzel Washington will Smith Spike Lee Brad Pitt Morgan Freeman
Favorite Sport(s): Basketball football and soccer
Favorite Music to train to: DMX, Eminem, 50 Cent, trance techno
Songs That get you Pumped: DMX – “where my dogs at” and Jay-Z “Beach Chair”

Athlete Background

How long have you been into your sport? >

Since 2002

How did you get started? >

I got started when I went to my first bodybuilding show in 2005 never know what it is or anything about it and I was just captivated by it and I wanted to do that from that point on.

why do you train? >

I train for health to look great and overall wellness

what motivates you? >

I get motivation from wanting to be different want to help other people changed their image your self-esteem and there thinking and to help the kids.

What are your goals? >

My goals are to become a great pro become Mr. Olympia one day and in the process helping any and everyone that I can along the way

What are your core principles behind your approach to this sport? >

Make everyday count for something good, no matter what we could always do better think positively be positive positive results will come

what advice would you give someone? >

Believing yourself stay positive listen to others who been there before you take notes work your butt off
Gaspari Nutrition Shawn Lindo


full name:Shawn Lindo
place of birth: Jamaica West indies
date of birth: 12-24-1979
residence: New York
contest weight: 225 lbs.
off-season weight: 250 lbs.
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