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Frankie Edgar

Favorite Body part(s): Back
Favorite Body part to Train: Legs
Favorite Exercise(s): TRX circuits
Favorite Cheat food(s): Chicken Parm
Favorite TV show(s): Boardwalk Empire
Favorite Actor(s): Robert Deniro
Favorite Sport(s): Wrestling
Favorite Music to train to: Hip hop

Athlete Background

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Why do you train? >

What motivates you? >

What are your goals? >

What are the underlying principles behind your approach to this sport? >

What advice would you give to someone getting started as a serious competitor in this sport? >

Diet and Training

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Full Name: Frankie Edgar

Place of Birth: Toms River, New Jersey

Date of Birth: Oct 16, 1981

Residence: Toms River, New Jersey

Contest weight: 155

Off-season weight: 162



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