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As many of you know from my other blogs, my family is very active. We enjoy being out, going to new places, and seeing new things, which in turn means we are also trying new places to eat. Don’t get me wrong when we are getting close to contest prep or if prep is in full swing everyone of us carry our coolers packed with per-measured meals and snacks that comply with the diet. That isn’t the case all the time though. We live in a fast growing city and every time we turn around there is a new restaurant opening and we like to try out at least some of them! Here’s the thing whether you choose to eat healthy or splurge on the cheddar bacon fries, just about anywhere you go has healthy options, unless of course you go to the hole in the wall burger joint with five menu items. This is what peeves me, especially in the case of a drive-thru, they provide the calorie count on items stating “ONLY” xxx amount of calories 95% of which are well over 500 calories.  Ok, some my say this is a good thing educating the consumer on their caloric intake but what good is educating them when they are still bound for failure with those numbers! Sure take the value meal with 565 calories like that’s a good thing just don’t break it down into protein, carbohydrate, fat and sugar count or you will be sadly disappointed oh and that pretty much kills you eating the rest of the day! This is why as a gym professional I will give free and excess advice to a new member whom I feel is genuinely interested in a better healthier lifestyle because there is so much misinformation out there that is misleading and ultimately sabotage someone whom isn’t widely educated in nutrition. So beware of what you order, don’t just depend on a calorie count or “Healthy” menu to lead you in your decision. Enjoy new places and foods of that region but do everything in MODERATION and ENJOY! Train hard and wide open.

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