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What a great weekend, this past Saturday was the NPC Garden State and my boy Hidetada was the guest poser. After picking up Hidetada from his hotel we head straight to the pre judging to set up our table. Didn't even know Hide was dieting and just 4 weeks out from the Chicago pro. That was great news for me cause I wasn't looking forward to see or going out to eat with him while I was eating my prep food lol. Talking about my prep food few things me and George Farah change this week... he removed all the fruits and juices from all my meals and up my carbs preaty hi yess!! and that had Hide eye balling my food every time it was time to eat lol. He's on the mission to come down to the 212lbs so that means a lot of work and lower carbs for him. Now pre judging was done so we run to find a gym near by to get a workout in before is time to get back for finals and his guest posing. Right out the parking lot we both get our pre workouts ready. My pre workout is 50g of GlycoFuse 15g of Aminolast 2 scoops of SuperPump3.0 and 15g of Glutamine and I saw Hidetada mixing his Glycofuse, Aminolast and SuperPump3.0 too. Our workout need it to be really quick cause of time being short plus we still have to change and head back to the finals. So it was some like this.

Incline D Bells

- 75 X 12

- 100 X 12

- 120 x 12

- 130 x 12

Flat bench D Bells

- 100 X 12

- 120 x 12

- 130 X 12

- 100 X 12

Machine flat bench with the sit all the down to hit more of the upper pec

- 225 X 15

- 245 X 12

- 245 X 12

- 225 X 12

Cables fly super set with cable push down for triceps

- 50 x 15 super with triceps push down

- 70 x 12 super with triceps push down

- 80 x 12 super with triceps push down

- 100 x 12 super with triceps push down


- 4 sets of 15reps

Thats was it for chest and tris. This is the beautiful of Glycofuse cause of the many different ways you can have it. I like to drink my isofusion as soon im done with my workout and then 25mins later I do 100g of Glycofuse. Hide was mixing 50g of isofusion and his glycofuse at the same time and drinking it right away.. Its all about what works better for you. After a great workout we head back to the show to end up the night with Hides amazing performance and off course had the crowd going crazing. Thats our saturday and we Thank you guys for all your support!

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